The Great British Summer


Take a look at the condensed version of my latest Cabinet Member’s report for July 2012.




Advance works on site began on 11 June 2012.  Construction of the main works is programmed to start between January and March 2013.

Between June and December 2012 It is envisaged that speed restrictions, temporary overnight road closures and other traffic management measures will need to be put in place to facilitate the advanced and main works.

Further meetings of local councillors and key stakeholders will be arranged to discuss any issues arising.



The County Council has had preliminary discussions with the Highways Agency relating to proposed works on the A12 in the vicinity of Hughes Corner and Dedham.

The intention is to receive presentations from the Highways Agency on their plans and timetable for implementing these works together with mitigation measures and to hear the views of the Police and local community representatives.



The County Council continues to support this initiative, which is led by Professor Peter Landshoff (Cambridge University) and John Patman an independent consultant. Representatives from BT, Central Government, the Highways Agency, Local Highway Authorities together with Information and Communications Technology and logistics industries are also involved.

The aims of the Project are to bring better use of information into the management of the road system and to help provide better journey planning for road users. Current work is focusing on the A14 corridor from Felixstowe to the M1.



Early May saw torrential downpours resulting in surface water and later river flooding in many parts of the county.  Where serious flooding occurred we are working with our partners and affected communities to try to alleviate the impacts of such events.

On 18 June 2012, we launched the public consultation on the Local Flood Risk Management.  This sets out Suffolk’s ideas for sustainable management of local flood risk.  It is a key step in making sure that the risk of flooding in Suffolk is dealt with as whole, joining up the work done by councils, government bodies and water companies with that of communities and individual households.



In order to understand how best to manage local flood risk in a cost-effective way, we are carrying out a number of detailed studies, mainly focussed on urban areas.  We have just completed an initial investigation of surface water risks in parts of Ipswich leading to a number of proposals to reduce the risks.

We are also commencing work on a detailed investigation in Newmarket – the need for which was clear to see following the heavy downpours in early May.  



May saw the culmination of a 3-year project to develop an integrated plan for the future of the Alde-Ore estuary.  This plan covers flood risk management as part of a holistic approach to managing the coastal zone.  The plan will be taken forward by the new Alde and Ore Estuary Partnership which was launched in Orford.

The relevant Minister, Richard Benyon, sent us a clear message of support for the way organisations in Suffolk are working together with communities to undertake practical actions to improve people’s lives and support the local economy.



The Suffolk Record Office had a stand at the road-show on 20 May 2012 (one of 5 road-shows being held across the UK as part of BBC learning campaign supporting the new series for BBC Two, presented by Michael Wood, The Great British Story – A People’s History, which looks at the past through the eyes of ordinary people).



All branches of the Suffolk Record Office had small displays of archives showing how previous royal jubilees were celebrated.

Information on how local people can help the record office to capture a contemporary archive on how Suffolk celebrated the Diamond Jubilee for the future use of everyone is now available on our website:

This Jubilee Film Show was enjoyed by a group of Ipswich Record Office volunteers during a Tea Party to celebrate National Volunteers Week 1-7 June 2012. 

In 2011/12 100 volunteers from across the county gave a fantastic 8542 hours of their time to a huge variety of record office projects, working as individuals or in groups both in the record office branches and at home.)



The survey has resulted in several interesting deposits or sports records with the record office including; Sudbury Rowing Club 1883-2009.  Some of this new material will be on display in Endeavour House at the end of June as part of our Olympic exhibition.

We are also hoping local organisations, communities and individuals will send in programmes, leaflets, posters, photographs etc of events and activities held in the county as part of the Olympics, Paralympic and Cultural Olympiad. 

We will be offering the option of e-mailing material in digital format.